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- Simultaneous interpretation

- Sequential interpretation

Written Translation:

- Translation of the text

- Translation of the legal documents

- Translation of the technical documents

- Editing of the translated material

Additional services:

- Notary support

Translation agency AZAL suggests you translations and interpretations of different materials from/into more than 40 languages of the world.

The translators who work with us are high qualified professionals who have rich experience in the field of translation.
Flexibility and individual approach to each client are the basic principles of our work.

We are ready to accept and to make your order within the shortest time by the competitive prices with taking into consideration of the clients requirements and guarantee of complete confidentiality and safety of the documents.

1. Rendering of the qualified interpreter for negotiations, business meetings, escort of delegations;
2. Interpretation during signing of the agreements at the notary office;
3. Work at the conferences, presentations, international exhibitions, at the plants during assembly/disassembly of the equipment.

1. of the texts related to economy and legislation (contracts, agreements, statutory documents, business plans, invoices, documents related to international law and human rights, documents of foreign economic activity, materials issued by the courts related to civil, criminal and arbitrage law);
2. financial reporting of the companies, decisions of the auditors, documents related to securities, insurance, investments;
3. researches in the area of marketing;
4. tender documents;
5. translation of the technical documents: users manuals for equipment, documents on: oil refining, metallurgy, machine building, ship-building, machine-tool, hydraulic, pharmacology, geology, astronomy, engineering, IT technologies, telecommunication software;
6. texts on aircraft;
7. medicine;
7. translation of the web-sites;
8. social and political journalism;
9. translation of the standard documents.

Certification by the notary.
Certification of the translations at the offices of the public and private notaries.
Certification of the translations made from/into rare languages.
Certification by the seal of the translation agency.

Editing of translation
Layout and page-planning
We can make pagination and transmit the pictures, diagrams and tables into the translated text from the original observing the initial format.

Clients of our agency
We make translations for organizations in different areas: legal, pharmaceutical, technology & engineering, other state and private organizations, etc. To our agency address not only law firms and big state organizations but also individual persons who need our help with translation and legalization. The benefit of our agency is that we pay close attention to our client.

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