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Editing of the text

- Simultaneous interpretation

- Sequential interpretation

Written Translation:

- Translation of the text

- Translation of the legal documents

- Translation of the technical documents

- Editing of the translated material

Additional services:

- Notary support

As many other translation agencies AZAL has special department of translation and editing. This allows editing of the most part of the texts translated by our agency by our qualified editors.

Translation agency AZAL makes stylistic editing of all translations. Beside this there are such additional services as comparative checks of the texts (we check correctness of translation) and specialized editing by the specialists in certain field (we check correctness of the basic terms used).

Editing of the text is an integral part of work with text after its translation. The editor checks the translated material concerning correctness of spelling, grammar, punctuation and stylistics. Special attention is paid to usage of special terms in many cases when we work with big issue-related texts we make topical glossaries that allows us to increase quality of translation.

If you want we can make editing of the text translated by you.

Pay attention!!!
Translation agency AZAL asks you to give desirable spelling of NAMMES, SURNAMES, GEOGRAHIC NAMES, NAMES OF THE COMPANIES AND ORGANIZATIONS and other PROPER NAMES when ordering the translation. Otherwise the translation is made to discretion of translator and we do not accept any claims concerning translation of the proper names.

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